Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Shell and Paddy Sound and General Difficulties

Sound was our next target on the list. Me and Tom decided to do simple vocal recordings for our animatic. After our induction to the Sound Recording Studio we booked it out for few hours and started recording. It was difficult getting used to the controls but once we got the hang of it we split up the scenes and I recorded sound files of Tom's vocal sound effects and sound for characters as well. This was getting to be fun at times and to keep our moods positive we also recorded some gibberish.

During the time of the production of the animatic I have been angry up to the high heavens with IT for not installing drivers and programs on our computers in the studio. Tom went through many difficulties to try and get access to the programs he needed to use to start putting the animatic together. Eventually Tom did manage to get working because programs were only working on some computers so Tom ended up having to switch to different computers all the time. Overall I would like to say that IT have been rubbish and there support has been way below disgraceful.

Apart from all this stress for my college I was continuing with the last of the backgrounds and was also passing the word around for second year recruits to help us out with animating. We have indeed found many students who are interested and hope to work with them as we come to our main animating. Also during this stage of our animatic I have been working with Adobe Soundbooth to sync the recorded sounds to the animatic that Tom was working by my side. My assistance was very much mandatory with Tom at this moment because I was the only one capable of using Soundbooth. So again and again I edited the sounds and handed them over via USB and eventually the animatic was completed.

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