Thursday, 28 April 2011


During our second term of second year we were given the choice between post-production and pre-production projects. I chose pre-production and was given four cards that gave us a type of character, show, style, and setting.

My character was a balloon animal and here is my concept. His name is Fuliver which is also the name of the show.

My type of show was kids pre-school which combines well with the idea of a balloon animal. My given style also made it easy too because it was UPA which is an animation style.

My setting was base in the Cornish Tin Mines which set quite a challenge for the idea of a balloon character in such a dangerous environment. Here is also my background design style.

During the development of this project, Fuliver, I thoroughly enjoyed this brief because it gave me the chance to be fully creative on a few guide lines just like what a concept artist does for an animated tv series.

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